LED emergency pack

LED emergency pack

Product introduction:

LED emergency pack it is a LED Emergency Driver,The emergency drive circuit board and single lithium ion battery are built-in the aluminum alloy casing,it is safety for using.Emergency Driver for led light with external driver.
Product Category: LED Emergency kit
  •  LED emergency pack(FAT-LED-F1A)specifications :

    1. Lighting fixture power: 3-50W 
    2. Emergency power: 3-5W
    3. Battery type: built-in  3.7V 2400mAH/3500mAH lithium ion battery
    4. Emergency duration time: 2/3 hours
    5. Battery cycle time: 500-800 times
    6. Working input/output voltage: AC85-265V , DC10-138V
    7. Charge time: ≤24 hours
    8. Protection degree: IP30
    9. Certificate: CE Rohs
    10. Warranty: 3 years

    LED Emergency Inverter features :

    Applicable to all kinds of LED lamps with external driver.
    Self-check function ( 30 days and every year ).
    Automatically turns on LED light when  main power failure.
    LED emergency power pack has overload protection, short circuit protection, overcharge and over-discharge protection, wire fault connection protection, over temperature protection.

    Working Environment attention :
    LED Emergency Conversion Kit working temperature between -5℃ and 45℃.
    If the Led Emergency Backup Driver is not used for over 3 months, it should be connected to AC power to full charging and discharging ( until LED lamp is completely off ).

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